2017-18 Results

Race results and timing provided by Red Tent Timing.

Bellingham BMX
Woolley Cross
Hannegan Speedway
Delta Tech
Camp Lutherwood
Bandit Cross

Overall Standings

Final Series Overall Standings

The best five out of six placings in the series will count in the final tally (drop the race with the fewest points). Riders must race in at least two races for the overall series. Series prizes will be awarded at the series end party.


Points are awarded 10 deep in each category. Points schedule is:

Place – Points
1 – 35
2 – 30
3 – 25
4 – 20
5 – 18
6 – 16
7 – 14
8 – 12
9 – 10
10 – 8

Reminder: only 5 races count.


Ties will be broken by the following tie-breaking rules. In case of a tie on total points, the tie will be broken in favor of the rider who has:

  1. The most first place finishes or, if still tied, the most second place finishes, etc., or if still tied;
  2. The highest placing in the last race, or the race nearest the last race in which at least one of the tied riders placed.

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