Spring Smash


It's time to open up another season in the wide array of fun & challenging cycling experiences brought to you by the Cascade Cross community! Should you dust off your 'cross bike? Trick out your mountain bike? Put fatter tires on your road bike? Choosing the right steed for the job is part of the adventure! You might wind up wanting a bike like the one pictured, which some would call a Monster Cross.

These is a mostly self-supported group ride. We will stash some basic support station supplies (water, beer) in strategic locations and make one tavern or gas station stop. You need to be able to fix your own flats, find your own way home if you bail (bailout points will be provided on final route description). We will have a lead, sweep, and middle man who know the full route to help riders of different paces along the way.

10 am at Fairhaven Park.

Approx. 50 miles with 4,500' of climbing. Here is the recon route on Strava (with one major climb missing to the top of Blanchard and one extra exploratory trip into the Land of the Lost that we'll call an optional finish). Plan on 5-7 hours, finishing back at the new Stones Throw Brewing for some goading, prizes and re-hydration.

33mm knobbies or bigger suggested. Suspension not required although a fair amount of singletrack will be ridden. The recon route above was all completed on cyclocross bikes, mostly with disc brakes and gravel tires, but you could call it intermediate-to-advanced cyclocrossing. Let's say if you have done a Cascade Cross race, you should not be too surprised by the technical features! Gearing for steep climbs could also make your day more enjoyable.
A pack with food, water, repair supplies, money, I.D. (for tavern) and warm clothes (as weather dictates).

Chuckanut Mountains :: Bellingham, WA

Brought to you by Kona Bikes on April 30th, 2016

Approx. Route:
From Fairhaven, singletrack & interurban trail (gravel) parallel to Chuckanut Drive then Chuckanut Drive itself (paved)
Colony Mountain Rd (paved) to Wood Rd (gravel) to Blanchard Mtn Rd (gravel, steeper) to Samish Overlook (regroup & refresh)
Blanchard singletrack descent, paved road to the town of Alger, to steep trail to the summit of Alger Alp, back to Alger Bar (regroup & refresh)
Paved roads back onto Blanchard, new trail section on west side of Lake Samish (Land of the Lost) then back via Samish Way and Old Samish to Fairhaven (Stones Throw Brewery)

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