Speedway Finale + Awards Party

World Championships Weekend!

Finale PartyGrand Finale Race Venue announced as Hannegan Speedway!

The after party is our way of rewarding everyone who remains dedicated to local cyclocross late into the season.

It is also an opportunity to recognize the fastest, the fittest, or just the most consistent racers! We do the overall series awards presentation, music, announcements, and special contests for those that finish every race in the series.

It's gotta be one of the biggest and wildest bike racer parties in Bellingham!

Hannegan Speedway :: Bellingham, WA

Brought to you by Bellingham Grind Corps on Jan 28th, 2017

Season X Grand Finale Race - CCX #6

Can you do this on your cyclocross bike? Be the engine!

This radical new race course right in Bellingham will be brought to you by a joint effort from Bellingham Grind Corps and The Kona Bike Shop.

We're talking 60 acres of flat track, a vintage course, full-on motocross course, trials course, and miles of singletrack to work with, so lots of different layout options for this year and into the future!

Thanks to the Mt Baker Motorcycle Club for reaching out to us and opening up their amazing space at the Hannegan Speedway to the greater recreation community.

Pre-registration is now open on BikeReg.

Season End Awards Party

The official season-end party for cyclocross racers and fans of all ages & orientations, complete with series overall awards, will be held from 6pm to 10pm on Saturday Jan. 28th right after the series finale above!

The location will be at the Kona Bike Shop in downtown Bellingham. Thanks to shop manager Matt Hoffmeyer for supporting our races with bike demos and mechanical support, and Cory Blackwood for offering to host in their beautiful space!

Come celebrate Ryan's retirement from cyclocross promotion, the end of 10 years of building an amazing local cyclocross community and the start of the next chapter with Kip at the helm!

Bellingham Grind Corps 2017 Menu

Speaking of which, be sure to check out the incredible menu of gravel rides on tap for 2017, hosted by his Bellingham Grind Corps!

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