Singlespeed Pre-Worlds

A special edition race to prepare you for 10th Anniversary Edition of SSCXWCPDX16, back in its hometown of Portland, OR on Dec. 2nd & 3rd, 2016!

Say you've never raced at a singlespeed cyclocross worlds but want to try it. Say you've never been to the biggest, most ridiculous party you've ever witnessed while also expecting to deliver a “performance” on a fast moving machine that requires steering.

Well, you need to practice! Take it from a seasoned SSCXWCer... there are certain elements you will want to get the hang of in advance of the big weekend. We will provide those elements. Just ask Brad Nelson, your champion from last year.

Note that the Saturday routine is only required if you are aiming for the main prize. The big event will be on Sunday (looking at you, bike shop employees).

Also, geared bikes will be accommodated but de-emphasized. You may want to look at using one of these DIY conversion techniques since it's good for two weekends of fun!

Cornwall Park :: Bellingham, WA

Brought to you by CX Shenanigans on Nov 26-27, 2016

This event is FREE for Series Pass Holders and reasonably priced for all other mortal humans. Saturday is $10, Sunday is $15. This price includes some race day beer!

This event WILL NOT be considered in the Overall Series Points calculation.

You must obtain 15 points to qualify to race in the final on Sunday!
Various opportunities will be presented to earn those points over the course of the weekend (see schedule below). The points up for grabs (5 or 10 in most cases) are divvied out based on your placement in your qualifier group.
If you do not obtain enough points, you will be permitted to race in the Consolation Race immediately prior to the Final (points also earned)!
If you do not own a singlespeed or cannot convert/fake your geared bike into one, you will be permitted to race in the Consolation Race (with some handicaps added on)!
If you are not drunk enough, the points will be nullified.

Leader of your category overall after three races in the series: 10 points!
Bring us some pumpkin pie to eat for lunch - 5 points!
11:30 am Saturday: Meet in downtown Bellingham at Cafe Velo for a bit of espresso from their new machine and a group ride around Bellingham interurban-style to various challenge stations for the potential to earn all 15 points! BRING A LOCK! And your wallet. There will be refreshment stops between challenges! (free cheat opportunity: first stop will be at Stones Throw Brewery, so if you're late, meet us in Fairhaven).

11 am Sunday: meet at BBMX for a final chance to earn up to 10 points. The make-up challenge will not be as pleasant as Saturday's ride!
Noon Sunday: race in the Consolation/Geared Race (finish to earn up to 5 points)

Noon Sunday: Final race - SS Only! (chug beers at the start, costume judging, and various other exercises for remaining points needed).
Note: Points structure subject to change!

Costumes for the Final are nearly mandatory. If you're worried about ruining your fabulous SSCXWC costume, you may race an alternate. If you're not going to SSCXWC, then what is your excuse for wearing plain old lycra?!

The winner of the final race will receive a gift certificate for a custom tattoo from Brooks Jenkins at Diamond Tattoo in Bellingham! Unlike the actual SSCXWC (since this is just practice), the tattoo is transferable to another party!

Evidenced by your Pre-Worlds 2015 Defending Champion, Brad Nelson:

Ignore the links below - the standard rules do not apply!

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