Ride of the Valkyries

“The Chooser of the Slain”

This is an exciting new rendition of our treasure hunt rides of years' past. Some would call it an interurban adventure ride. Some might call it a greenways cyclocross team race. Some might call it an alleycat with gravel paths, staircases, and singletrack instead of alleys. Either way, it's a great way to see the open space in & around Bellingham and ride (hard or easy) with your friends!

RIDE DAY: Sunday!

RIDE TIME: High Noon!

RIDE START: Kulshan Brewery!

RULES: See below!

Kulshan Brewery :: Bellingham, WA

Brought to you by Odin on January 11th, 2015

No registration. No results. No series points. So you might think of this as Bellingham Anti-nationals.

COST: $10-$20 suggested donation. Optionally free for Series Pass Holders! All collections will be added to the meat & ale budget for our Finale Party. You should also bring OFFERINGS that you believe the mighty Odin would find worthy (especially if Odin was a cyclocross racer). You will be riding with these. Think of them as lifelines - you'll pull them out when you need them.

INSTRUCTIONS: Minimum team size of 4, no maximum! We will meet up at Kulshan Brewery to form all the teams and place all orphans.

This will be a sequential hunt, meaning you must find the first station, which will lead you to the second, and so forth until the final location. The fastest team does win a prize and fantastic honor in the eyes of the Gods. However, feel free to ride at your own pace, stop to enjoy beautiful locations, find fun diversions, but all riders should reach the final location by 4pm where we will be hanging out. Sunset is at 4:30pm. If you plan to stay a while, please bring a lights and warm clothes to ride about 5 paved miles back to town in the dark. CLUE: There will be a fire, and a view. You might even call it Valhalla.

We're not gonna blow up any peaceful villages, but I would say don't put your kids out on the interurban trail at noon on this day. Some gravel is definitely gonna fly!

”Big Duke Six to Eagle Thrust. This is a Romeo Foxtrot. Shall we dance?”

That being said, if you've got a junior rider that can make it 15-20 miles, they are more than welcome to join in the fun. We try to be a family friendly group - you just have to be a hardy kid! If you are towing them, please be prepared with low gears or parking it & hiking some sections. This is no walk in the park, so to speak!

SOCIAL JUSTICE: This event is calling your attention to the Clay Hunt Veteran Suicide Bill that is currently in the House of Representatives. We're using the platform of staged battles on our bicycles to raise awareness on the very real issue of the mental issues soldiers face when they return from war. Please have a look at the Latest news on the issue, think about it, and write your congressperson if so inspired! You can also sign the Change.org petition.

BACKSTORY ON THE RIDE: We moved the Woolley Cross date at the Sedro Woolley venue to January this year so we could use BBMX while it was still good (by request). The Skagit County Parks agreed, then changed their mind based on a presumption that damage in January would be worse than October. How wet does January look so far?

We also dropped the Fun+Alley ride since the Awards Party is now the same day as our Series Finale race. We already fulfilled our commitment to provide six races (especially to the Series Pass holders), but everyone seemed to love the treasure hunt ride. It is a nice way to bring in folks who don't have a cyclocross bike or the desire to race! So we're making this ride happen and using the open weekend. We'll go with Sunday this time for all those bike shop employees or anyone else who always works on a Saturday!

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