2015-16 CCX Series Schedule

Year of the Great Pruning

This is the full season schedule. For a race day schedule, please see our Categories page.

Woolley Cross

Brought to you by the Collective on Sept 26, 2015

Thumbs up at Woolley Cross After taking a year off from this PNW classic, it will be the grand opening of Cascade Cross Series 2015! Paired with the CXR race in Arlington on Sunday, it should be an amazing weekend up north. The course we lay up for you is now a staple in the healthy, balanced dirt diet of any good PNW cyclocrosser. This is considered by many to be a classic course of the north. Epic conditions during its appearance in the Seattle CX series some years ago stamped the site firmly into the minds of many mud aficionados, and it has come through for the Cascade Cross Series ever since. We can count on plenty of fun & challenges again this year!

You will find yourself in the off-the-beaten path of the Northern State Recreation Area, just east of the town of Sedro Woolley on the Cascade Highway (Hwy 20).

Bellingham BMX

Brought to you by Darren Clark Farmers Insurance on Oct. 10th, 2015

Of course we are returning to our permacourse at the Bellingham BMX venue, this time hopefully before it gets too epically muddy. We'll likely have hard clay, grass, some bridges, some new woods sections, and a return to our new custom sandpit and Belgian stairs built last year!

The course is mostly short rolling hills with some sand but also some very sticky sections, depending on weather. The abandoned golf course surface has mostly been reconditioned to short, new grass. We also have an open forest section to give you that loamy singletrack feel but still with room to pass.

Watch the short film called Everyone is Friends we made in partnership with Right On Brother Films on race day last October as an entry into the WMBC Shoot the Trails fundraiser film competition. You should get a taste of amazing scene we have created just north of Bellingham!

Thanks Given'er @ Fort Nugent Park

Brought to you by Whidbey Island Cycling Club on December 5th & 6th, 2015

The best new venue in the Cascade Cross quiver for a number of reasons, the double-header at Fort Nugent Park is hosted by our friends in the Whidbey Island Bicycle Club and the gracious City of Oak Harbor. This twisty, hilly, challenging course was discovered and designed by Brad Nelson, who was the winner of the Mens B category in 2013, SS Men overall in 2014, and the proud manager of the new branch of Skagit Cycles in Oak Harbor. The park includes wide trails as part of an 18-hole golf course (think Cornwall), abundant parking, good bathrooms, and a HUGE kids playground. Definitely worth the 1 hour drive from Bellingham and a fun way to expand the range of this local series!

If you didn't make it to the perfect debut in 2014, go read the race report from TheHoleshot.ca, complete with an excellent photo gallery (where the images you see here were sourced).

Bandit Cross

Brought to you by Fanatike Bike Co. Race Team on January 9th, 2016

Zombie rides the Skinny In 2015, this race has been re-named from Chiller Cross to honor the memory of Bandit, Ryan's Australian Shepherd who assisted in the build out of every Cascade Cross course from October 2006 to January 2014. Rest in peace and mud, Bandit!

This will be our fifth time out in January, and we're still the only cyclocross series in the PNW to cross into the new year. It is one of our most popular races, which leads us to believe it is obviously a good time to race 'cross! We will be racing on the same weekend as Cyclocross Worlds this year, so you might also call this Bellingham Bandit Worlds!

Ride of the Valkyries

Brought to you by Odin on January 11th, 2015

“The Chooser of the Slain”

This is an exciting new rendition of our treasure hunt rides of years' past. Some would call it an interurban adventure ride. Some might call it a greenways cyclocross team race. Some might call it an alleycat with gravel paths, staircases, and singletrack instead of alleys. Either way, it's a great way to see the open space in & around Bellingham and ride (hard or easy) with your friends!

RIDE DAY: Sunday!

RIDE TIME: High Noon!

RIDE START: Kulshan Brewery!

RULES: See below!

Spring Smash

Brought to you by Kona Bikes on March 29th, 2015

Voodoo Burnout BakerIt's time to open up another season in the wide array of fun & challenging cycling experiences brought to you by the Cascade Cross community! Should you dust off your 'cross bike? Trick out your mountain bike? Put fatter tires on your road bike? Choosing the right steed for the job is part of the adventure! You might wind up wanting a bike like the one pictured, which some would call a Monster Cross.

These is a supported group ride in a new, experimental format. We are asking for just a $10 contribution for your support station supplies as we get this concept off the ground.

10 am at Larrabee State Park at the Band Shell.

Approx. 26 miles with 3,500' of climbing. Plan on 4-5 hours, finishing back at Larrabee for some refreshments and socialization. You can drive here if you're worried about a ride home. Otherwise, the interurban is a perfect flat gravel route home. map

33mm knobbies or bigger suggested. Suspension not required.
Food, water, and warm clothes. We will refill you at support stations with all but clothes!

Awards Party

Brought to you by The Collective on Jan 31st, 2015


Finale PartyThis is the reward for everyone's dedication to local cyclocross and an opportunity to recognize the fastest, the fittest, or just the most consistent racers! We do the overall series awards presentation, music, announcements, and special contests for those that race & finish every race.

It's a fine time capping off a fantastic season!