Happy September! It rained in Bellingham yesterday. Granted... it was only 1/4th inch over 24 hours, but after seeing only a 1/4” total in the month of August, that little burst was enough to trigger a response from several nefarious critters native to our region. Yes, the Banana slugs (Ariolimax columbianus) might emerge from their summer hiatus (wherever they hide), and along with them, your favorite purveyor of mud, that most elusive creature known as the local cyclocross promoter (Bicyclomax dismountus):

“In drier conditions, they hide in damp places such as under tree bark, fallen logs, rocks and man-made structures, such as planters, to help retain body moisture.” (source)

No, we will not talk openly about cyclocross until the first cool, moist night descends upon us. Not that we've been completely in hiding, however. Major upgrades to the Bellingham BMX course are well underway - that is, a 20% lengthening of the course, from 2.5km to 3km, including more high ground (for the wet season) and undulating terrain in the woods. We're just waiting for some moisture to start conditioning the fresh soil into a hard track... perhaps tonight! You will like what you see at the grand opening race at BBMX this season!

Furthermore, schedules have been laid. Parties have been planned. It is, after all, the Ten Year Anniversary season for Cascade Cross, and we'll be doing it in style!

We did start with the minor hiccup that was the loss of my domain name registration while I was on vacation in Ecuador. Not to worry, nothing was lost except for a few emails, along with perhaps your confidence that this long-storied and much-appreciated production of local cyclocross would re-start at all.

Well, my friends... after 55 races promoted at many memorable and amazing venues... not to mention several infamous celebrations to follow them... we really cannot stop now. The dial certainly goes to SIXTY, and we're eyeballing at least a few more beyond that high mark this season!

So the rough outline for the 2016-17 schedule is there to the right. Our Facebook page is getting regular updates as well (with photos). Series Passes will be coming out shortly, along with a fresh run of our 10 Year Anniversary merchandise! We've got the 10 Year Edition of the SSCXWC in Portland with another run of Singlespeed Pre-Worlds in Bellingham to get you prepped! Right after that, a double-header with the WA State Championships of CX in Oak Harbor the second weekend of December. In addition, block out Friday, Sept. 30th for a season opener party at the new Cafe Velo bike shop+cafe opening in downtown Bellingham this fall under the careful hands of a former cyclocross rival of mine, Andrew Francis. His shop is just a stone's throw from our excellent season finale party last January. How convenient is that!?

It's going to be a great year for PNW cyclocross, especially those events coming out of our little outfit based in Bellingham. Trust in that! Work on your fitness, work on your bikes, build a bitchin' singlespeed, buy a Series Pass and a hoodie, pray for rain, and we'll take care of the rest.