So it begins. SEASON X.

That's right. The celebration of 10 years of the Cascade Cross Series kicks off tonight with a special party, brought to you by the new Cafe Velo in downtown Bellingham. Beverages provided by the shop! 6:30pm to 9pm.

Special announcements will be made, such as how overall prizes will be awarded this year (must be present to hear). Merch will be out - that is, hoodies and glassware that is usually reserved for overall awards at the end of the season. We will finally be selling this stuff to all the racers, not just giving them to the category winners!

Next up, Bellingham BMX debuts its new layout on Saturday, Oct. 8th! Here's a one lap preview filmed on a GroPro by Tyler Booth (wearing his full-face). Ryan even provides some additional entertainment by rolling a tubular. Check out that sweet new woods section in the second half. It's riding great!

Shuksan Velo Club has stepped up to do the final course build and provide race day support. Their shop sponsor Kona Bikes will be out providing neutral mechanical support and demos of their Private Jakes and even a few carbon Major Jakes at ALL our races this year. First come, first serve on those! A big thanks goes out to Matt Hoffmeyer at the shop for stepping up to support the series this year. He has a TON of history promoting a similar style ’cross series out in St. Louis, MO, so his expertise will come in handy!

Online registration for 2016 Series Passes is now online and Bellingham BMX will be up soon! We've been a bit behind on the pre-reg (been too busy grooming track), but we still appreciate your support by investing in a full season of local cyclocross! And that goes well into January, in my book. I hope it does in yours, too. In fact, Cafe Velo is offering a 20% discount off bike mechanic services to Series Pass Holders up until one week after the last race of the season, so early February!

We hope to see you tonight to kick off a great season!